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Diversified Fund

Our new, fully transparent 'Diversified-Fund' has exposure to various assets such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies, and commodities. To avoid over-diversification, the fund has a maximum of 25 holdings to minimise trading costs. The aim of the fund is to provide 9-13% return consistently year-on-year while significantly reducing risks for our investors vs the benchmark S&P500.

*The 'HNFC-Fund' is an investment for medium and long-term investors. The advisable holding period is between 1-3 years.


*Minimum Investment $250.

Fund's allocation (subject to market conditions)
US stocks 38%, UK stocks 20%, ETFs 10%, Forex 10%, Bonds 15%, Commodities 5%, and Cash 2%


Growth fund

The HNFC 'Growth-Fund' invests in equities only, with the aim to reach 22-30% return annually. These results will be achieved by investing predominantly in small and midsize corporations listed in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. To boost the performance further, leverage of x2 and x5 may be used occasionally. Due to the additional risk of the 'Growth-Fund', defensive stocks will be used to mitigate the risk.

*The HNFC 'Growth-Fund' is an investment for long-term investors. The advisable holding period is 3 years+.

*Minimum Investment $250.

Fund's allocation (Subject to market conditions)
US Stocks 73%, UK Stocks 15%, HK Stocks 10%, and Cash 2% 

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