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HNFC is a private investment firm based in Newcastle, United Kingdom. Established in 2012,

 managing funds for corporate and retail clients. To keep the portfolio diversified, our organisation invests in assets such as equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, property and alternative investments.​ Our high diversification strategy ensures downside risk is monitored and managed at all times. With an option for a risk-seeking investor to invest capital in a fully-transparent fund. 

Our team is made up of FMVA™ qualified Financial Analysts and experienced Forex & Stock Traders.

Honest   Nifty   Flexible   Confident

HNFC was built on four core values that we truly believe are necessary to build a great trusting relationship with our clients.


Honesty - with our clients. HNFC is honest in what, how and why we invest. We are always available for you to ask any questions and if you don’t know where to start you can always ask us.



Niftyas investors, we are constantly developing our investing skills and strategies, enabling an accurate investment opinion. 


Flexibility - we are all individuals and each one of us needs a unique approach to satisfy our financial needs. Therefore each service we provide is individually designed with your variables taken into account.


Confidence - crucial for successful investing. Our team is made up of FMVA™ qualified Financial Analysts and experienced Forex & Stock Traders to make investments based upon quality research. 


 " Be confident at what you do and you will succeed ​"
​                                                                                                                                                                 HNFC team

the team

Meet The Team


Kumar Starkie-gupta



Forex Division

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michael denislamov

Administration Manager


US Investment Division 

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